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Motivational Message - The Simplest Definition of Leadership

Here's my quote for the week. I have no idea who to attribute the quote to, but I found it in my fortune cookie last week and I was struck by its simplicity. In my opinion, this sums it all up. This could possibly be the simplest definition of leadership out there on the market today.

I thought about this quote several times over the weekend, as I was in Austin spending time with some guys and an organization that means a great deal to me - the Texas Wranglers. The Texas Wranglers is a student organization dedicated to service in the Austin community and supporting the University of Texas men's basketball team. Every spring the Texas Wrangler Alumni Association puts on a reunion event that typically involves golf, beer, barbecue, 6th Street, impromptu wrestling matches, tall tales, cigars, late nights, a boat, chewing tobacco, Hula Hut, Advil, back-slapping, Lake Austin, campfires, and loud laughs - not necessarily in that order.

We have a lot of fun and we stay out of trouble (for the most part), but there is just one thought that overwhelms me at the end of these weekends - how incredibly fortunate I am to be associated with this group of men. Somehow I always feel inadequate. Please note, "inadequate" does not mean "unsuccessful". I just mean that the rough and tumble life of an HR pro feels inadequate (and somewhat boring) when I compare it to my buddies who are saving lives, directing movies and starting their own non-profit organizations.

When I leave Austin after these reunion weekends, I feel motivated to do more, serve more, learn more, give more, live more and be more. In short, I am surrounded by dozens of "right examples" and they inspire me. Are we perfect? Not even close. Do we make mistakes? You bet. Do we have a few knuckleheads in the group? Yeah...which team/organization doesn't? Do these guys help make me a better person? Without a doubt.

So what kind of example are you setting? Are you inspiring others?

Where are you getting your inspiration from? Who inspires you to be a better person?

The leadership lesson is simple - Set the right example. It will inspire others.

Here endeth the lesson. Have a great week!

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