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Let's Go Sailing!

"A smooth sea never yielded a skilled sailor" - English Proverb

Today I'm sharing one of my all-time favorite quotes. This one has come in handy, on so many occasions, over the course of my career. It's a reminder, to me, that nothing worthwhile comes easy and that the trials and tribulations that we endure (and overcome) make us better professionals, better employees, better managers...better people. 

I've found that the hardest part of becoming a "skilled sailor" isn't actually surviving the tough times and the twists and turns, but rather learning from the mistakes of my past and finding a meaningful way of sharing that wisdom with others. Weathering the storms of our lives and our careers is something we've all got to do. Whether we want them or not, the storms are going to come. But what are you going to do with that wisdom, those experiences and those lessons learned...that's the real question.

I'd encourage you to seek out one person this week, to mentor, and do your part to help them become a "skilled sailor". 

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